our story

Hey everyone!

We are so excited about this journey and want to give you a little insight to what this exactly is.

We are an online based boutique that is transitioning into a storefront beginning in September of 2020! We will be located in Sterlington, Louisiana. Our goal is to make other women feel empowered and good about themselves through the art of their own style.

Our owner, Allie Toler-Scanlan, has had an eye for fashion since a young age. She's always known that she wanted to open a boutique, but she has recently gotten to make that dream a reality. She is a wife, dog mom, and full-time college student. This business is something she decided to do online while going to school because it will be a lot easier to maintain. Once she finishes school, she plans to have a store front for everyone to shop at!

We want to thank everyone for your continued love and support as we begin this new adventure. We hope you will follow alongside us and help us grow as we learn to grow as a business and community.



RUYA staff