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pink scrub top car freshie- sugar cookies scent

pink scrub top car freshie- sugar cookies scent

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Sugar Cookies- a rich scent of freshly baked, buttery, and sweet homemade butter cookies. Reminiscent of the cookies in the blue tin.

Freshies are highly scented air fresheners for use in your car, locker, closet, drawers, or anywhere else in your home you want a scent. They come packaged in plastic bags with a scent label on the front, this makes them perfect for gifting. 

Warnings and additional information:
Freshies last anywhere from 2-12 weeks. Always hang freshies, placing on surfaces may stain or damage. May melt in extreme heat. Do not consume. Keep away from small children and pets. Do not attempt to melt in wax warmers. IF YOU USE A SUN SHADE MAKE SURE THE FRESHIE IS HANGING INSIDE OF THE CAR AND NOT BETWEEN THE SHADE & YOUR WINDSHIELD.